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Help: Setting Up Repeating Events & Duty Rotas


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Contents: Setting Up Repeating Events & Duty Rotas

  1. How Repeating Events and Rotas Work
  2. Special Notes Concerning Duty Rotas
  3. When to re-generate the schedules?

How Repeating Events and Rotas Work

Repeating events and duty rotas are defined in terms of days-per week, weeks per month, months per year. For example, "1st and 3rd Saturdays and Wednesdays each month, from June to January".

Repeating events can also have a start date and/or an end date, or a number of instances (handy, for example, for a season of 10 races every other Sunday morning, starting on 10th Feb)

Rotas and repeating events can also be defined to "skip" an instance when they events would clash with other listed types of events - for example, to avoid scheduling a race on the Sandown weekend.

Rather than schedule events for an indefinite period into the future, just the next few months are scheduled at a time. When it comes to within a few weeks of the end of the current schedule, another few months will be automatically generated up, going further into the future.

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Special Notes Concerning Duty Rotas

Duty rotas are associated with some automatic e-mails, so you should read carefully (and understand) the general notes concerning duty rotas before you alter them. Click here for further general information about how the duty rotas work.

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When to re-generate the schedules?

Generally speaking, you don't need to generate the schedules for repeating or duty rotas. New schedules are generated automatically, but there is one occasion when you might just need to do this...

If you need to reschedule around a newly created event - for example, you might add a regatta to the calendar for Thorpe Lea, and then you need to reschedule a grass-cutting rota so that it won't clash with the regatta.

In this case, add the new one-off event (the regatta) to the calendar, then press the reschedule button on the page that maintains and updates the rotas. If you need first to add "regatta" to the list of event types that are automatically skipped, then the schedule will generate itself automatically anyway (because the definition of the repeating event, or rota, has been changed).

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